Thursday, December 27, 2007

New look for DJ Console MK2

Hercules has updated the DJ Console MK2 with:

  • the top surface beige and dark grey colours replaced by 2 colours (aluminium and darker metal grey),
  • the 8 black rotary knobs replaced by longer and grey knobs,
  • the white logo in a transparent plate replaced with a metal-colour logo in a black plate,
  • jog wheels which don't turn as easily as before,
  • the beige cover replaced by a transparent cover,
  • the Mac version of VirtualDJ 4.3 DJC Edition is added in the package of the DJ Console MK2 with VirtualDJ 3 DJC Edition for Windows.

The colour box of this new version of the DJ Console MK2 is updated with both Mac logo and Windows XP and Vista written on front, and the photo of the console is updated with these new colours.

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