Sunday, May 14, 2006

How can I repair my DJ Console MK1 to get a better response on the Play and Cue buttons?

DJ Console MK1 Play and Cue buttons response decrease with the time because the contact dots on the printed circuit board activated by the buttons become rusty when the console is not stored in a dry atmosphere.
You can improve the response by cleaning the contact areas of the printed circuit board:

  1. Remove the caps of the equalization and volume buttons,
  2. Disassemble DJ Console MK1 in removing the screws placed on the ground side below the red feet,
  3. Unscrew the printed circuit board to remove the top case,
  4. Remove the 2 keypads with the Play and Cue buttons, clean with non abrasive solvent (typically white spirit) the black contact dots on rear of this keypads: don’t brush heavily, these carbon contacts must remain black to make a contact on the printed circuit board. You just have to remove possible rust from these black dots.
  5. Also clean with white spirit the contact areas of the printed circuit board.
  6. Reassemble everything.

In the future, store your DJ Console MK1 in a dry atmosphere to avoid rust (if you must store it in a cellar or a garage, place it in a closed plastic bag).

This Play and Cue buttons issue doesn’t occur on DJ Console MK2 and DJ Control MP3 since:
  • there are 4 contact dots below each Play and Cue dots on DJ Console MK2 and DJ Control MP3, versus 2 contact dots on DJ Console MK1,
  • DJ Console MK2 and DJ Control MP3 printed circuit boards have received a protection against rust.