Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Main differences between VirtualDJ DJC 5 and VirtualDJ Pro 5

The main differences between the DJ Console Edition of VirtualDJ and the pro version of VirtualDJ are:

= VirtualDJ DJC 5(for the Rmx)

= VirtualDJ Pro 5

  • Connected device: VirtualDJ DJC 5 requires a DJ Console Rmx connected and installed on the computer, while VirtualDJ Pro requires no specific controller,
  • Audio: VirtualDJ DJC 5 plays audio only on DJ Console Rmx integrated sound card, and VirtualDJ DJC 5 cannot split the audio playback with 1 stereo output dedicated for each deck, while VirtualDJ Pro plays on any sound card and can split the audio playback per deck,
  • Video: VirtualDJ DJC 5 mixes video files only in a small window on the same screen as VirtualDJ graphic interface, while VirtualDJ Pro 5 mixes video files up to full screen, and can possibly play video on another display (TV set or computer screen) than VirtualDJ graphic interface,
  • Skins: VirtualDJ Pro lets users loads tons of skins, while VirtualDJ DJC 5 is limited to its default skin,
  • Time code: only VirtualDJ Pro lets deejays control their mixes with time code vinyl discs or time code CDs.
  • Remapping: only VirtualDJ Pro lets the deejay change the assignations of functions on the buttons of the controller.
  • Automation: Only VirtualDJ Pro offers a lot of automation, from an auto-BPM, auto gain, and several automated adjustment up to multiple automix functions.

Friday, August 1, 2008

DJ Console Rmx: a few shots

3 shots of DJ Console Rmx:

Rear side

Front side

Zoom view