Friday, July 13, 2007

Software update: Mobile DJ Mix 1.04 for Mobile DJ MP3

Hercules has released Mobile DJ Mix 1.04 software for Mobile DJ MP3.
This new version, downloadable on , adds some new features :

- you can control on Mobile DJ MP3 the music track you preview (the previous release of Mobile DJ limited the control of the preview on the sftware interface)

- you can mix on 1 sound card and preview on another sound card, so laptop users limited to the stereo output of their laptops can use USB headphones for the preview, while they mix for the audience on the laptop integrated sound card stereo output.

- you can also change the pitch and the volume of the sound effects you loads.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Can Mobile DJ interfere with WLAN networks?

Mobile DJ communicates with its USB dongle in a proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol: it uses neither WIFI nor Bluetooth. Mobile DJ proprietary protocol operates at a base frequency of 2.407GHz, and when it detects noise in its frequency, it moves by steps of 250KHz to the next noise free frequency channel.
The dynamic frequency adjustment lets Mobile DJ adjust to 2.4 GHz wireless networks (WIFI, Bluetooth) so that
- Mobile DJ doesn’t interfere with wireless networks,
- and the wireless network doesn’t interfere with Mobile DJ.

You should place Mobile DJ USB dongle at 2 feet or more from any other 2.4 GHz transmitter (WIFI, Bluetooth or audio/video proprietary transmitter) to get a good transmission range, since if they are closer, both systems will continuously jump from 1 frequency to another to avoid each other disturbance, and such continuous channel changes reduce the transmission range.

For the same reason, you should place a WLAN device at least 2 feet away from another 2.4 GHz device (Bluetooth, audio/video transmitter..) to optimize the range of your WLAN network.

Friday, July 6, 2007

How can I preview each deck in MegaSeg with Hercules DJ Console MK2?

MegaSeg is a DJ mix software in Mac OS.

1) In MegaSeg, if you use the Discrete Output Mode, and select both Hercules outputs using the Aggregate device output, then you can use DJ Console MK2 headphones selector to select the various cue modes.

2) But MegaSeg default mode is different, since instead of the left and right decks being hardwired to one output, MegaSeg has a "Preview" button to route either deck to a 2nd output for cueing or previewing. In this mode, both decks would output to a single output device (on a single stereo channel), and then you can press Preview and switch either deck to a 2nd output to cue (like the built-in headphone jack). This function is mapped to the cue button on the DJ Console MK1, and now the Audio source select on the DJ Console MK2. As the audio source select is also on this button, it means you must push this button twice to toggle the Preview mode.