Thursday, June 29, 2006

Which headphones can fit with DJ Console MK2?

Headphones recommended for DJing have:
- a low impedance, from 16 to 64 Ohms, to keep the sound punchy especially on bass (high impedance headphones tend to be less punchy),
- with a high sensitivity (100 dB or more),
- isolating ear cups attenuating the ambient noise,
- comfortable soft ear cushions (you must bear the headphones for hours),
- a long cable (10 feet),
- a stereo jack 1/4" plug, or a jack 1/8" plug with a 1/4" adapter,
- preferably foldable earphones, to allows double or single ear monitoring.

Never use in-ear earphones: they are not appropriate for DJing, too difficult to remove, not protective enough from the ambient noise, and not comfortable enough.

You can use other headphones with DJ Console MK2, as hi-fi headphones over 100 ohms, but with headphones the higher the impedance the lower the volume in the headphones, so while high impedance headphones can be OK for bedroom DJing, their volume may be too low to cover the sound and screams of the audience in a party. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

DJ Control MP3 in "24"

In "24", Season 5, Episode 22, DJ Control MP3 makes a short appearance.

OK, there is no DJ mix in this episode, simply the playback of an MP3 file.