Friday, September 7, 2007

How can I avoid saturation noise on the hi-fi systems playing sound from DJ Console MK2?

On some hi-fi systems, DJ Console MK2 audio output is noisy and saturated, because DJ Console MK2 output level is +4dBu (pro level) while hi-fi systems generally expect a -10dBv output level (consumer lever). Lowering the audio level in DJ Console MK2 control panel doesn’t change anything since the control panel mixer reduces the audio signal but keep the output level unchanged, so the noise remains equal.

The solution consists in attenuating DJ Console MK2 output level by connecting between DJ Console MK2 output 1-2 and the hi-fi system an attenuating gear as volume knob for headphones (cheapest solution)
- Koss VC-20
- Shure EA650
or a mini mixer (more expensive solution) as
- Nady mini-mixer
- Behringer Xenyx 502

If you meet this saturation issue after connecting DJ Console MK2 to some DJ mixers which don’t support +4dBu signal, setting the input gain button on the DJ mixer input at 25% should suppress the noise.

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Anonymous said...

allways use a usb port on coputer no hubs they dont like it