Monday, October 8, 2007

DJ Console MK2 / Traktor 3.3 LE update

Native Instruments, the publisher of Traktor 3 LE, has announced a free update to Traktor 3.3 LE, for PC and Mac.
If you have DJ Console MK2 bundled with Traktor 3 LE, updating your release Traktor 3.1 LE to this release Traktor 3.3 LE fixes a few issues:
- in file browsing: each time you enter a directory with Traktor 3.3 LE, you choose whether Traktor 3.3 LE scans it or not, while Traktor 3.1 LE always scanned the new directory,
- in AIFF files playback: Traktor 3.3 LE plays back AIFF files on some Mac OS configuration where Traktor 3.1 LE failed to perform the same operation.
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