Monday, September 25, 2006

DJ Console MK2 released for Mac

One year after the release of DJ Console MK2 for PC, Hercules releases its DJ Console MK2 Mac Edition, with Native Instruments Traktor 3 LE software.
Compared to the previous DJ Console Mac, base on DJ Console MK1, DJ Console MK2 Mac Edition has not only a new cosmetic, but also new audio features as 2 stereo audio inputs, so that in addition to mixing your MP3 files on your computer, you connect vinyl turntables or CD players to DJ Console MK2 audio inputs.
DJ Console MK2 for Mac offers hybrid mixing in merging analogue and digital audio in the same mix, since you can:
- set the gain on analogue inputs sound in Traktor 3 LE to set a similar level for external sources and MP3 files,
- set the volume on analogue inputs with DJ Console MK2 volume fader,
- equalize analogue inputs via with DJ Console MK2 EQ buttons
- mix analogue inputs with MP3 files on DJ Console MK2 crossfader.

DJ Console MK2 Mac Edition is compatible with Mac OS 10.4 on both G4/G5 and also Mac Intel based Mac computers.

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