Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How can I preview my music with DJ Control MP3?

DJ Control MP3 is a DJ mix controller without audio, so you need a 4-channel or 5.1-channel sound card to preview your music.

In VirtualDJ DJC Edition PC
- you get the mix on output 1/2 (front left/front right),
- you get the preview on output 5/6 (surround left/surround right),
then you preview a deck when you push down the monitor button of the relevant deck on DJ Control MP3 (the button with a headphone logo) AND YOU KEEP THE PREVIEW BUTTON PUSHED DOWN, since the preview stops as soon as you release the preview buttons.

If you don’t hear any sound in the output 5/6:
1) Make sure you have enabled the output 5-6: click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio devices > Volume : Speaker Settings : Advanced Settings > 5.1 Surround Speakers. If your setting for speakers is stereo, you cannot get a sound in the output 5-6.
2) Make sure your headphones have a low impedance (32 ohms or less) since standard sound output on 5-6 has a line level, a level not strong enough to playback sound on high impedance headphones, so you can use 200 or 600 ohms headphones only with headphones preamplifier.

How can I suppress the background sound of the preview in the mix output and vice-versa?

You should not hear the sound of the preview in your mix or vice versa, so if you hear it, a 3D virtualisation effect is positioning the sound in your multi-channel sound card. You must disable the 3D positioning in your sound card control panel.

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